Affilate marketing tricks

Story of Mark

I was making 500 a month in my first month. I also continue to increase my income by 300-500 each month.
I owe alot of my thanks to the mentors I chose though. I dont think I could of done it with out them.
I used a method I dont see anybody teaching though. Either it is a deep internet marketing secret or I have discovered somthing new.
I love to give away free advice, so here is how I did it.
I set up a free website at
Set up a free autoresponder at
Put an opt in list on my free webs page, very short high converting lead capture page.
signed up to many many traffic exchanges to get free credits.
generated 10-20 opt ins a day
To be exact 432 members on my list in 30 days
I also used article marketing to generate this list.
anyway I picked a high ticket affiliate item that eardned 100 dollars a sale
my first month I sold 6 of those products with 432 members on my list
Total 600 dollars my first month.
Not bad considering my mentor made 2000 her first month but she was getting 1000 dollar commisions per sale.

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