If you just got your first “clickbank cheque” and  need to bank it, here is some  info that you would need  while getting it banked at your  local Australian bank .

The cheques come from IDAHO “ iD”  in USA….  Bank tellers in your country may not know what “ID “ stands for IDAHO in USA.

Many bank tellers mistake “Clickbank” for a bank  and get confused.  If they so dumb ignorant, let them know clickbank is actually  a  company (and  website with that name )  and not a bank. To Confuse things  further for some , click bank now also has “clickbank University” but NO they are not  a university , they just run a new online internet marketing course called “clickbank university”

clickbank ninja earner


For Most  people in other countries ( other than USA) it can take anyway between 28 days or longer  for your cheque to clear and get credited into your bank account.

In my bank account in Australia the transaction shows up immediately , but the  actual amount gets credited and cleared only after 28days.


For beginners and people receiving first clickbank cheque

Australian  banks ( commonwealth bank ) , Westpac , ANZ  all credit click bank cheques , but make sure they  bank it as a international cheque  because every once in a while you can get untrained tellers , who will deposit  your international cheque   as a local cheque ( it happened to me twice) and you cheque can end in  a never ending loop of going back and forth  and then going stale.


my weekly earnings on clickbank picture

My weekly earnings on clickbank ( goes up and down a fair bit sometimes)

There is  separate process they need to do for international cheques , where they calculate the exchange rate  and fill out couple of forms  and inform you of the exchange rate today if its USD check. You will need to sign the cheque and a transfer receipt.There is s $10 transfer fee with commonwealth bank.

With clickbank its not worth getting getting bank transfer payments unless you are  earning about approx  500 a week, because they charge  you approx $30 or something per transfer.

PPC Campaigns or AD campaigns  and payment schedule in your country 

If you are in australia , you know  that  click bank  week change happens on wednesday 3/4pm noon, so its stuck at $0 your weekly income is  down and you are waiting until next Wednesday   with crossed fingers .Here is how the weekly change in schedule and paymetns  are as stated by clickbank.

Accounts receiving direct deposit (US or International) are eligible for once per week or once per two week payments.

For accounts receiving payments weekly, pay periods end at 12:00:00 a.m. Pacific time every Wednesday. For accounts receiving payments once every two weeks, pay periods end at 12:00:00 a.m. Pacific time every other Wednesday.

Changing your Payment Frequency from once per week to once every two weeks (or vice-versa) may result in overlap between pay periods and the amount settled.

If you are running a PPC campaign specifically  for  a click bank product then  this change days  could be matched with your PPC campaign change dates  to measure what your are getting for your specific ppc  campaign for a clickbank product.

You can also check out my post “ how is clickbank paymetns made and calculated” over here


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