Basics of twitter

How does one promote oneself on twitter?

Once you create your profile, with keywords related to your field of interest or profession, you have to find people to follow you. It would be wise to use the search for people feature on twitter to find people who share your interest and also companies and recruiters in the same field.

  • Link to your resume.
  • Enumerate career goals.
  • Outline your qualifications, experiences and skills.

Who should you follow on twitter?

  • You can use Twitter to follow recruiters or companies of interest and learn of networking events.
  • You can follow websites that hire for a certain geographical area or country.
  • You can choose to follow people of the same profession or related profession.
  • Follow career consultants


How To Make The Most Of Your Twitter Page

Candidates and companies today are taking maximum advantage of online social media such as twitter to increase their online presence and using this in addition to the traditional methods of doing a job search or recruitment.

Your twitter page needs to stand out among the rest. This creates an interest to the visitor and hopefully a recruiter.

  • Your 160 character twitter bio can be your job pitch. Use of a professional looking avatar adds to the interest. And don’t forget to tweet! About your job search! If you are interested in jobs of a particular geographical area, make sure you tweet about it too.
  • Your twitter background needs to look professional as well. Look for a good template that matches you.
  • You must include a link to your online CV or resume from your twitter bio.
  • Establish your credibility as an expert in your field, and never misrepresent yourself.
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