Cash parking with go -daddy

Let me park and make some money with go -daddy

You bought a domain  thinking  yup i am gonna develop this website  amd make some money and then some other priorities  came up or then you were just plain Slack and didn’t do nothing.


Now you are thinking what a waste >. but wait  I still dont have the time to build a website  or ( i am really SLACK ) what do i do .. whats a easy way .. ??

Cash parking for domains !!

Idea !! cash parking for domains. now you can try it with Google ad sense for domains  .. but i would not even go there with all the issues i had with trying to do this .. so i tired the easy way out  cash parking for domains with go -daddy  that can be done with  2 clicks in your go daddy panel. People tell me Sedo is another option for cash parking  but i haven’t checked it out

Tried it out got a report just now after month  *sad face *

Revenue: 🙁
August 2009 Revenue Earned*: $0.01
RPM**: $1.43
Approximate Payout Date: To receive payment, set up your payee account. We cannot process your check until you enter your payee information.
Total Domain Summary:
Total Domain Count: 1
Active Domain Count: 1
Removed Domain Count: 0

Guess what no more lazy Boy !! you will find a real  website on that domain within 2 weeks.

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