Change in Google adsense Total Earnings columns

I have google adsense and also  use comission monster  for earnings from websites

Now i have noticed that on comission monster they always show your earnings up to  today in the totals column.

Adsense total earnings Column

Today i logged into google ad sense  and noticed  a change of  figures in my total column. Now  There has been a few changes recently to google ad sense  with it  updating to you local currency to be paid in your local currency.

The total earnings column that previously  used to show  earnings  from list payment date to current payment date .. now shows  Total adsense earnings right from when you started  Google adsense.

So what does your earnings look like  ?

Here is mine

total earnings


My total google adsense earnings never looked so good !!

For more detailed explanation about your  Adsense columns – Go here

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