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7 things you need to know before starting your own website or blog

People often start their own website or blog in a rush and then feel they should have done more research before starting. I will save you that feeling.

Here are all the things you need to know before building your own website.

1. Domain name
A name defines your website or blog. So spend time brainstorming to come up with a good memorable name.
The domain name should match or be relevant to what your website is writing about.
Make sure you get as short a domain name you can and try get a .com if available

Good Domain name providers

  1. Godaddy.com (provides .com.au domains as well)
  2. Namecheap Domains

2. Choose your website platform

There are many website platforms like Drupal , wordpress and Weebly and Wix.
I recommend wordpress as its one of the most flexible website software. It is also one of the most popular blog software for the same reasons. It’s called a content management system (CMS).

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Using this software you can turn your website into any kind of professional looking website (news website, personal blog, online shop, fashion website etc.)

  1. Choose your  WebhostingWebhosting is one of the most important factor for your website. A bad server can keep your site offline often. Poor security can attract hackers. Slow server speed can affect your traffic from Google and ranking.I suggest a good reliable and fast webhost like wpengine priced at $29/month. If you can’t afford that then a shared hosting plan from bluehost for $3.95/month is the next best optionThe next two options would be themes and plugins for your wordpress website. Themes make your website beautiful or professional looking. Plugins add functionality easily to your website.

Bluehost has an option of purchasing the domain name + hosting both together (with domain name free deal) for $3.95. It’s a good choice if you just want to do it all in one go. Check their deal here.

august discount from bluehost

  1. Choosing the correct themeThemes are pre-made designs that you can choose for your wordpress website once its installed and ready. They are also known as templates.There are hundreds of free themes available on the wordpress platform, all you need to do is choose one that suits your website and click install and it’s done. There are also many professionally made themes available for purchase, paid themes are supported much better.


The paid theme providers that I use and recommend are


Elegant themes are the cheapest and provide awesome value for money and studio press themes are top-notch quality themes and come priced on the higher end. Solostream themes are good value and have good inbuilt options for banners and advertising on your website (including adsense ads options).

5.Choosing your plugins

Plugins are exactly what their name suggests. They are optional software that you can plug into your blog/website to enhance it. Say you want to SEO optimize your blog internally, just click and install the all in one SEO-plugin, you want to sell stuff from your blog- just add the woo commerce plugin.

There are thousands of free plugins available for wordpress and there are professionally made paid plugins. If you want ongoing support with your plugins then getting a paid plugin is important.

  1. Content Writing

As a beginner I would suggest you write your content yourself by researching top ranking content and improvising.

But there will always be times when you are pre-occupied with other more important work or just don’t have enough time. You need to plan for this as every good website/blog needs to be updated with good content regularly.

Here are some good content providers that will provide content for you at a price

  1. PBNbutler
  2. Lovetolink

If these providers are too pricey for you, you could try websites like freelancer.com and fiverr.com to source content writing for a fee. People bid on your writing project on these websites and you choose the one that suits your budget and skills.

7. SEO for your website

As explained above, plugins can do its bit for SEO with on page SEO but you also need off page SEO to rank your website higher in Google search. You will either need a SEO agency to do this for you or you will need to do this yourself.

There are two ways you can do this, either search online for a good seo agency or hire a SEO consultant.

These two websites below are good to hire a SEO consultant

1. Upwork.com
2. Freelancer.com

If you are planning to do SEO yourself then I would recommend these tools and websites for planning and research and strategy.

1. Ahrefs – Check your competitors(online subscription tool + free version)
2. Semrush – Analyse and spy on competition ( paid subscription + free version)
3. Diggity marketing blog – tips on optimising your website for SEO (free + paid link Builidng)
4. Charles Floate Blog – SEO tips and information blog
5. MOZ.COM – SEO analysis website

Remember content and backlinks and article structure are king, so that’s what you should focus on most for SEO.


Today social media plays an important role in not only getting your website more traffic, but also helps the SEO and helps rank your website higher.


Promote your website on all your social media channels with snippets and link backs to website.

Outreach and advertising

Today outreach for your website comes in many forms – guest posting , sponsored posts and press releases. You can hire people to create press releases and distribute for you for a fee, if properly done you can get good backlinks from this.

They are agencies that do guest post and sponsored post outreach for you for a fee or then you can do this yourself.


Today advertising has expanded from promotion via facebook ads, instagram ads and shout outs to creating viral videos and viral bait articles. They all are different forms of promotions. Experienced marketers also use bulk media buying from portals like outbrain and taboola to make good money

Building  a successful website can take  some time,  it takes a lot of research  and if anybody tells you they can make a successful popular website in a couple of months , they are full of sh#t.

Do your research, create awesome content and learn stuff and soon you will be a successful blogger or a successful online entrepreneur.

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