Create Automatic Backlinks Creator WordPress Plugin 3000

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This new exciting amazing WordPress plugin/network will create backlinks to your site or blog  automatically.

How to use this wordpress plugin to get backlinks automatically

Just install it on any WordPress site.
Submit your anchor text and links.
Install the ABC widget on the site.
Install on UN-limited domains

Get the plugin here

WordPress auto backlinks  creator

I installed this on a niche blog that i’ve had for some time. Adding links and articles is very easy. I started adding links for niche sites that i’ve had on page 2 and noticed that within two weeks they went to the bottom of page 1. Within the month several of those niche sites are ranking between 2 and 5 for their keyword. Keep in mind that i had not done any backlinking to these sites in well over 5 months.
Also, in yahoo site explorer I started getting backlinks that I know I had never posted and once I followed the link I saw that the links were from blogs that also use this plugin, so that confirmed to me that these links DO in fact get picked up by Google.

Get the plugin here

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