Does bing have a affiliate program ?

Bing Affiliate Program

My blog recently received hits on query with keyword "bing affiliate program". Bing in this instance is  Microsoft newest search engine and  people are looking for an affiliate or also the famous comedian, Bing Cosby which many people say the bing search engine is named after, does not offered any affiliate programs.


Considering that Bing is rapidly gaining in popularity it is no surprise people are interested in making money with Bing. The only party that make money now with bing is of course Microsoft. Unless of course, they are looking for bingo affiliate program or then going to launch something new after their merge with yahoo search.

You however can get more traffic for your blog with The simplest way to do that is to blog about how can benefit the bloggers and Internet users and the other way off course is to submit your website or blog submit to bing here .

Here is some crazy Bing and bingo affilate programs.

Check on google adsense search with the affiliate program keywords below

* Bingo Reward
* World Bingo Affiliates
* Saturn Bingo Affiliates program
* Wink Bingo Affiliate program
* BingoPaycheck, Starlight Bingo Affiliate Program
* BingoMoolah, Bingo Mega Affiliate Program
* Joy of Bingo Affiliate Program
* Bunny Bingo affiliate program
* Virtue Bingo Affiliates network
* Posh Bingo Affiliate Program
* Sun Bingo, Bingobeez

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