Earning money through niche blogs

Ebook about building niche wordpress blogs. I get probably 5-10 emails per day about how to get started making money online and for the most part I really do not know what to tell people who have never made a website or have any interest in creating a service oriented site. I never really considered myself a “learn how to make money” blog/blogger but I get thrown into that a lot… but I digress…

Caroline’s e-book is completely free and perfect for someone who is not only looking to learn how to make money with niche blogs but also just getting started with blogging in general. It has easy step by step word press walkthroughs and nice pictures. It covers everything from FTP to SEO.

I think the book in itself is a good lesson to people on how to earn money. Caroline has created a great resource/service and has monetized it with a few affiliate links.

Good job Caroline!

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