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Hi guys , You must have heard all the buzz online  about facebook ads cracked 2.o version on the internet by now,  if you are into blogging , SEO or Internet marketing and if you haven’t heard of it , you don’t have your ears on the grapevive so WAKE UP.

Below i will give enough information free for you  to start making money on-line selling t shirts with minimum investment , but if you really want to jump start  and start earning  with your online  T shirt  endeavour , I would suggest  picking up one of the products listed below  to speed up the process a bit  and also increase  your earnings.

Capture master bater

Im not telling you to wake up  just because  facebook ads cracked  is such a miracle maker. NO..its not

There is no Miracles in internet marketing .. there is only hardwork that leads to miracles or magic  , and then when that miracle happens  you just  keep re-inventing it

So am i selling you facebook ads reloaded ?

No i am not ,

I dont even have a discount or affiliate link /or promo link for you to go and get this program


SO then why i am wasting my time reading this ? (you might ask)

Well because i am to provide  you here everything you can lay your hands on for free to get the most out of facebook ads  and also  this program facebook ads cracked 2.0 for free.. yes i  said it for free..

So if you have a look at thier  facebook ads cracked launch page ( you dont need too)

It focuses on COUPLE OF things

Teespring ( tshirts)

How to use facebook ads to sell teespring  tshirts

You master these two and your set. I know because i have been running a  facebook campaign for the past   2 weeks where i have spent  $13 so far and already got two sales  with $60 in revenue. I have a 0.151 Ctr on my ad as of yesterday.

Now most internet marketers  know that  most other marketer’s release their ideas to public ( and charge them)  only once they have exploited  their money making methods to the max and either the method  is not working anymore or they have found better  and more efficient ways to make more money for themselves ( other wise why would they be giving  away their money makin cash cow to you)


Here is a pic of the  launch promo

FB Ads Cracked 2.0 header image


As you can see from the pic right on the top , add the members mentioned in that facebo0ok pic to your  Facebook ( add friends ) and see if they share  any tips in relation to facebook ads , which might be useful.Its  a bit sneaky but worth a shot

So lets cut to the chase

You can see the people in this group are raking in massive profits , but this group is restricted , Some of them are pulling in $5,000 a week in profits

If you really go ahead and buy this facebook  ads support  service guide or  help session product ( from whereever – just do a google search) , i would say you would only be buying it for two main reasons

– Entry into the Live and restricted Facebook group ( The laboratory ) – to enable you to get live support from donald wilson and also the group

– And also live feedback from Donald wilson himself  as well as most recent live webinars  and possibly  instant tips and reply to your running facebook campaigns

– Access to videos  from recent profitable campaigns run by the group and donald wilson


Now how you can do this yourself for free


You will need to familiarize yourself with facebook ads  first by running a  small campaign from your facebook account , you will need to set up  a facebook page or Facebook group  and then set up a ad to promote.

So how do we set ourselves up to  make money from teespring and t shirts for free, simple  there are heaps of free video on youtube  not only on how to specifically target your audience for these t shirts , but also how to make a t shirt that will sell  and also  how to set up a facebook campaign ( mind you this niche is now a little over exploited ). I would suggest  you go through this whole  videos to understand the concept  and use this for your own niche as well al other angles to sell different products


So here are some videos below to help you set up your t shirt selling facebook ads campaign

Here is the official teespring help video to get you started selling t shirts .Good information specially for beginers

Facebooks ads video

Teespring video 2  | Teespring video 5

Travis Petelle  videos (below) has got some nice informative videos  which should also be useful to experienced  Facebook marketers

The travis petelle $5000 in 1 week video with facebook ads



Sell other products as well – Tyler boshears got some good tips on selling via facebook ( below)

Tyler boshears video on facebook ads secrets revealed

Another good t spring video from travis  below

make money with t shirt selling on facebook

In above travis pretelle’s video  he shows a nice nifty trick to save you money  with editing design of your tee shirt.

He shows you how you can use a  free tool “gimp” to  edit text and make it transparent and show the background color  , so that you can use  less colours in the design to bring down the  “sale price of the t shirt” for your campaign

And finally the  facebook ads cracked  Reloaded  owner video “Donald Wilson “

Donald wilson Facebook adz cracked c reator


Donald wilson “Facebook Reloaded Ads cracked” video 1 | 2 | 3

Video 1

Video 1 Pre launch


3rd video

Video 3 Pre launch


Apparently the members in the facebook group “THE  laboratory” has generated more than 4 million in sales

So finally use these tips and methods  in these videos , and put your own angle to it or vary it to yourown unique ideas and test  and you will start making money sooner or later . Keep on tryin until you make  a campaign that pays .The main thing over here is take action and always remember

Keep an eye on





You might lose some  money initially testing things out ,, but always your goal should be more money in your paypal/ bank account that money spent on facebook ads


There are tools to see what your competition is doing, especially Teeview | Teespring campaign viewer 

Google search string I use to find out teespring campaigns that have the characteristics I want to.

For example: (Copy- paste in google search)

1. ” 20..99999 sold towards goal of 10..99999″ “ended on */14”

2. towards goal  of

3. 4292 were sold  This campaign ended on 3/3/14   etc ( use your brain)

With this string you can find campaigns that sold 20 units or more, that ended this year.

And  it gets better…

If i wanted to find, say, campaigns that sold between 50 and 65 shirts, which had a minimum sales goal of 30 and ended last month, I’d use this string: “50..65 sold towards goal of 30..99999” “ended on *4/14”

 TRY THIS facebook ad targetting for teespring  for some good results

in google search or vary this search terms to get different results 

Sales numbers can tell you a lot about scalability of a campaign, when you infer the audiences and angles that could be taken with a given design concept.


————————————————- NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCHED —————–

Update: There has been some new products launched since i posted this  article, which makes spying on successful campaigns much easier and gives you more detail to help you succeed in your tee campaign. some details below

Tee Inspector Mini Review

tee inspector spy teespring capmpaigns

  • Search Google for the latest top-selling Teespring campaigns
  • Extract the top selling Teespring campaigns by minimum number of sales, status, and time period
  • Extract top selling Teespring campaigns from Teeview by minimum number of sales, status, and goal reached
  • Campaign preview option by simply hovering your mouse over the campaign links
  • Extract Teespring campaign stats for ANY custom input content like source HTML from a Facebook fanpage!
  • Instantly search the Wanelo social network for t-shirt ideas and sort the data by popularity
  • Instantly preview all the t-shirt images using the built-in preview button
  • Save Teespring stats data to interactive HTML reports you can sell on Fiverr or other related sites
  • Spy on Teespring campaigns by logging their daily sales using the Data Archiver
  • Monitor your own daily sales using the built-in Data Archiver tool
  • See how many sales per day the top-selling Teespring campaigns are getting!
  • Built-in bookmarks and logins tool makes it fast & simple to navigate sites
  • Built-in Bitly pixel tracking tool for monitoring real-time statistics for your Teespring campaigns
  • Built-in FTP profile manager for saving your pixel tracking images
  • FB code tool allows you to Instantly extract the Facebook conversion code data for your Teespring campaigns
  • Built-in Data Bank tool for storing all your important content for Teespring campaigns and Facebook ads
  • Save Teespring statistical data to CSV, TXT, HTML, and custom data files
  • Import/Export your daily Teespring campaign stats from the Data Archiver tool
  • Run multiple instances of Tee Inspector for super-fast research
  • Search all the latest Teespring campaigns that appear in Google for the past 24 hours, week, or month
  • Extract Teespring campaigns that have been removed due to trademark or copyright restrictions
  • The ability to view t-shirt images for campaigns removed due to trademark issues

Get tee inspector here

Product 2  – PREMADE PLR Teespring shirts ready  for selling ( Get it here )


This is another PAID Product  that could help you speed up your game plan on selling t shirts

Its based on Shirt Designs PLR Package   by: Dave Guindon


Dave Guindon’s  Personal experience in  making money in the NEW online Tee shirt business Explosion is described in this method

These PLR Design packages are ready made designs to jump start your T shirt selling if your brains frozen to get Super selling ideas. Why bother creating designs when there are proven ones that work. Check it out

Targeting tools for campaigns

Getting facebook ids and emails for laser targeting

Free tool – Facebook Uid scraper

Facebook Lead jacker – Paid tool ( Advanced but check if still working )



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