Free ticket to the 2012 Olympics – Sponsored video

Got skills? Now you  can win a Grand prize ( a ticket to the 2012 Olympics ) if you can show same amazing tricks or sports  and record it to make a great video and submit to the competition. If you got an amazing video that you think people will enjoy,you could go to the London 2012 Olympic Games  for free and be a part of the action

Offer – Fly to London olympics  2012 free 

The video could be anything about  you doing your best or  you showcasing your talent , be it sports ,  a event  or a just plain amazing exciting video.  You just film yourself doing  something amazing and talented and send us your  exciting video  to go into the running for some exciting prizes

Show us your Best Video and get into the chance of Flying to the Olympic Games 2012

This post is sponsored by The IOC. You Can check  the Show us your best olympic video here

If your video is selected  a a winning video , you not only get into the chance of getting a free ticket to the Olympics 2012, but  can also be featured in advertisement  for the Olympics  and  be in the running to win many other exciting prizes by just submitting this video  for this competition.

The grand prize is a feature in the global Olympic TV spot and a trip to the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Some of the things below  can give you an idea of what can be sent  to  get you in the running to win a prize.

  • Athletes  or  wannabee sport stars can submit a video of their best pass, punt, shot, kick, goal, tackle, jump, throw, time, etc.
  • Self acclaimed Tricksters can also submit a video showcasing their acrobatics, hula hooping, handstands, skateboard tricks, kneeboard skills, etc.
  • It can also be  a video of their first time skydiving, water skiing (or skiing at all for that matter), standing up while surfing, ice skating, paragliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc.

Don’t  be shy , go get your exciting video happening  and get ready for the 2012 Olympics

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