Get a clear lcd screen protector for your HTC MOBILE

Protect your  LCD screen against bad embarrassing grease marks and scratches, and finger prints while eliminating that awful glare. Designed to perfectly fit your HTC LCD screen, this HTC Incredible Screen Protector offers a tough, durable, transparent surface.

HTC Incredible Accessories

HTC lovers in Australia are enjoying the release of the HTC Range of 2010’s best smart phones. There are a lott of people out there searching for  HTC Desire Accessories to ensure that their HTC  Smartphone’s is both pimped up as well as protected from everyday activity.

HTC Droid Incredible Clear LCD Screen Protector

HTC Incredible Case

HTC Droid Incredible Clear LCD Screen Protect product Description


The HTC Droid Incredible Clear LCD Screen Protector Keeps your Incredible’s screen intact w and is manufactured with high quality, scratch-resistant plastic, this protector is designed to protect the screen from unwanted scratches.

This  LCD screen protector has a dust-repellant, smooth, and glossy surface which also includes a special static adhesive that allows for easy re-application.

HTC Droid Incredible Clear LCD Screen Protector Features:

  • Manufactured with No#1 high quality, scratch-resistant plastic
  • Special static adhesive on protector which allows easy re-application.
  • Peel off the #1 tab and then apply the protector to the phone carefully. Then peel off the #2 tab to complete installation.

Compatible with:
HTC Droid Incredible and  some other smart phones

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