Gets paid $10,000 per post for Twiiter – kim kardashian

Twiiter popularity is getting more and more as time passes  and so are some of the people  getting more popular in twitter , who can manage to cash in like  celebrity kim karsdashian. She Gets paid $10,000 per post for mentioning a particular product

Kim Kardashian on twitter


Kim Kardashian has some very good reasons to smile this Christmas. The model and reality star is reportedly being paid a stunning $10,000 every time she mentions a specific product in her social networking site account. With 2.7 million followers, Kim demands $10,000 every time she tweets about a product. This makes Kim the highest-paid user listed by an advertising agency that sells in-stream ads on the accounts of several celebrities.

Kim’s Kardashian getting richer by the tweet!

HOTTIE: Kim Kardashian

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