How i watched the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS 2015 with google search and bugmenot

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Well if you didn’t know , the Popular music awards in America  was recently held  and the buzz is still all over the internet and media.

They are million of people  with no access to such live media  and longing to watch their favourite singers and artists on the red carpet and also performing in this popular music awards show, including me . So I decided to gear myself up with my laptop and mouse and use google to see what i can get online.

I first did a search for


This is what i got



  • Hollywood life
  • &

And many more results  (  About 14,200,000 results to be precise)


Turns out hulu has it for streaming online , but first  you need to be an American  resident  and then also have a hulu account . ABC.go had the same problem so no go. So really you aint getting jackshite from them, which is a bummer ( no pun intended) —- unless off course you use paid vpns that give you an amercian browsing ip  or use free tools like this (

No luck with the others as well with normal online streaming .

SO, I got a bit frustrated  with no options to watch it online , so  what did i do next ?


I do another search  on google

live stream of music awards function  with bugmenot


Turns out -  Reddit & Torrents come up in this search , but you dont wanna do that torrents ( no no) dont want no trouble, so I check out  the  first link that shows up on this search reddit ( which is a social media sharing site)

( )

Click that links and “hurray”  it takes me to an online streaaaammmm-  Look below


But Wait – Lol , its not what it is :  Infact you click on that blue button and it goes here –

and then asks you to sign up – Bugger that!

SO i surf on (once more )  to greener pastures

I decide to employ an old trick of mine

This ones a life saver and also  helps in Crafty SEO

Its called “bugmenot” yeah  you heard right , im not taking the mickey out of ya  (thats the name).

Its a website  that provides passwords  that people have created  for themselves on popualr websites and share it here ,  so that people like you don’t have to go  and do the whole registering bit  just to browse the website for possibly one time . Bugmenot  provides logins to many popular websites in many different niches and categories.


So i go ahead  and think and search for a password for the above website “” NO LUCK.. farrrk.

Greener pastures …….

Hold on .. why not try this then -  Google search for this word

Including results for livestream bugmenot
Search only for stream bugmenot

Guess what “I found gold”

Thank you bug me not 


Let us know your story  – of how you manage to watch popular shows that are not broadcast in Australia  free tv


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