How is my click bank commission calculated and paid

my first clickbank cheque  and earnings

I started  affiliate marketing and clickbank marketing around mid 2013 last year  and its been a good learning curve , but things have  been looking up , while i sat back and waited in frustration while nothing happened  and  pouring money into seo , Finally there was  a trickle  and now  i am generating  roughly  anywhere between $50 to 100 a week on auto pilot.

Things have happened so fast that i did not even  bother to check how my commissions calculated  and what were the requirement  for me receiving cheques or direct payment into account .So i have done some research and posted this article.

It has not yet been worth getting direct payments into my account  as they charge a bit ( think $30 per payment ) to get it into your Australian bank account , which does not make it worth while  if its a $100 check. Here is some info  for ya in relation to payments , commission and cheques etc    and if you want tot give the learning curve a miss in your click bank journey  you might want to  take up this click bank course that i would recommend  to get upto speed and earning affiliate income

my weekly earnings on clickbank picture

My weekly earnings on clickbank

How Clickbank Commissions are calculated?

Commission Calculation

A commission rate is associated with Clickbank products and it is decided by vendor or the person whose product you are promoting.  The commission your receive on a sale can range from 1% to 75% depending on the kind of product and  also the commission level the product maker has set. Once you’re successful in driving the sale for a product, you will get paid by Clickbank within a time span of two minutes. When the sale is initiated, Clickbank starts its own process of calculating the commission rate on the net sale amount. Let’s understand this concept with the help of an example:-

Clickbank will keep 7.5% of Retail price of the product $1 on each sale from the vendor.

So, if the retails price of the product is $100, then Clickbank will keep:

(7.5% of $100) $1 = $8.5 on each sale

And if the commission rate isset at 50% by the vendor then the affiliate gets:

50% of the remaining amount ($100-$8.5) = $45.75

and the vendor gets the remaining amount, which is also $45.75

When do i get paid  from clickbank  ?

Can i get paid my clickbank comission directly into my bank account ?


Clickbank Payment Threshold

Payment Threshold Under this rule, you’re required to keep minimum amount of money in your account before you receive the commission from Clickbank. The amount can range from $10 to $ 1, 00,000 as your payment threshold amount. By default settings, it usually takes the payment threshold amount as $100. Once you reach this balance, commission amount is credited to your account.


Customer Distribution Requirement for payment of click bank comission

Under CDR, there are two rules which you need to keep in mind to get your commission in your account.

  • Sales  should be made with 5 or more different credit card numbers –  and,
  • Two different methods of payment should have been used in sales. (either Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, ELV.)

(Clickbank also says, “PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 different credit card numbers. ”)

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my clickbank earnings and casestudy

Different types of joint venture contracts

If you are a new or established affiliate marketer  you can look out for join ventures  to earn more money  from clickbank

As an affiliate or vendor, you can create four different types of joint venture contracts, each offering  different earning potentials.

Traditional JV Contract

This allows the vendor to offer a part of his earnings to any of the members of his project. It could be a copywriter, designer, customer service manager or anyone he wishes to.

Upsell JV Contract

This allows the vendor to introduce the additional products in support of another client and splitting the earning from the sales amongst anyone he wishes to.

Affiliate Referral Contract

This contract is also known as 2nd Tier affiliate contract. This JV Contract allows the vendor to share the part of earnings either with JV broker or affiliate manager who has been responsible for recommending the affiliate that led to a sale.

Affiliate JV Contract

This allows more than two affiliates to share the commission earned on a sale. This is an amazing way of earning commission in support of advertising campaigns and collaborations on projects.

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