How to get you WordPress in super Turbo Mode

WP Turbo Review – Best WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin

WP Turbo is a new premium AutoBlogging plugin for WordPress that allows you to create super  powerful niche sites which create content, update themselves automatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs.

You can manage all aspects of your sites from the WPTurbo Panel

  • Create unlimited templates for your content so your site is unique.
  • Mix and match different content modules together.
  • WordPress 3.0+ Ready
  • Utilise featured images for each post.

The WP Turbo plug-in has a powerful system to allow you to create your own templates and target by keyword and add filters so your sites are unique to you.

Snap shots of the Wp turbo Plugin software


wp turbo games website demo

This demo use the HeyZap flash games module, the game screenshots are pulled in and used as the post thumbnails and the flash games are embedded in the page.

It is monetized via the HeyZap program which pays you when people make in-game purchases.







wp turbo amazon website demo

Using this module you can pull any product from Amazon and post it to your blog – the buy now links are setup with your affiliate ID so you will earn money from any sales referred.








wp turbo yahoo answers demo


This module pulls questions from Yahoo Answers using their API and posts them on your site, any replies are also posted so its a good way to populate a Question and Answer site from the start.






Discount code and download link for Wp turbo

Whereas many other previous autoblogging programs only havge a single or a small handful of resources, WP Turbo pulls from multiple content sources.

True, you won’t have much in terms of original content on the site, but you have to recognize that these niche sites were never really meant to be original.

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