In a nutshell tiered linking is building backlinks not directly  to your blog but linking  through other blogs or online properties /forums etc to your blog or website. Tiered linking is  a necessity in internet marketing  for now.

So pretty much its like a pyramid, one level (tier) sends links love to another level  and then to another level  passing all the benefits to the topmost tier and then to your blog or website, which creates a ripple on effect  showing Google your blog is getting popular and linked too, therefore increasing your ranking


How to do tiered linking  or  what is tiered linking  made up of


Rather than breaking your head  as to how  tiered linking is done  and what  is there in which tiers   the pic below  gives you an idea of what you can use for which tiers, remember if you don’t have the budget  you can always , only  select a couple in each tier and still do  tiered linking

how to do tier linking seo


If you want me to make this even simpler that the pic below , here is a another simple way of doing tiered link building ‘

Simple Quick tiered  link building method

Tier 1: 10,000 links pointing to 10 websites

Tier 2: 10 websites pointing to 6 websites

Tier 3: 6 websites pointing to your main website

With tier 3 being your tier 1 if you want to read it in that order ( as shown above)

The figures 10 and 6 websites are random figures and you can adjust these  as you wish to more effect or less effect


If its all to hard just contact me and i will give you a quote to get it done


whats web 2.0 properties

Here are some examples of web 2.0

Aauthoritative web 2.0 sites:

Directories worth submitting to:

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