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Seo case study:  Images &  Australian internet marketing

Right on cue, the technicality of SEO promotion via images in Australia has not been covered much. The art of  Australia photo or image optimisation has not been researched as well as it should be. I remember after the first panda update my image search queries shot up by massive numbers taking over the normal traffic by leaps and bounds and then suddenly it died ( Google was probably tweaking their algorithm) . (I have purposely placed words in this title and post to test out further image optimisation strategies and see how it relates to contextual text around it )

I always have done basic image seo with all my images on my websites

Which is ? ( Basic tips below )

  • Name your image with a proper relevant name and try include keyword
  • Don’t make the image name too long
  • Have a alternative text for that image in your website code (don’t make the alternative text same as image name)
  • Make sure image is clear and not too large in size but not too small as well
      Make sure you read on…. to know more tips based on this expirement that unfolds  as we speak


what actually works

Coming back to the point

I just launched this website online, and  i am doing a bit of tweaking to get the website noticed in Google and get some Google love from Google search. First thing I did was get my advertisement on gumtree ( local classifieds site), it’s the best way to get in google search fast.

Well I didn’t really get my website on Google search engine instantly, but I managed to get my listing on gumtree for my services indexed by Google in just 10 minutes (AMAZING). Aussie SEO’s you listening 😉. I also managed to get my website link on gumtree (Check pic below) and therefore my website indirectly indexed by Google. Gumtree is a PR6 website.

contact for seo advertising

I veered off again off topic , so coming back to the point with my business listing immediately sitting on no 3 on Google on-line for the keyword as below….

(Keyword i am researching below in  google search and pic – Memorise it Smile)

My image research long tail  4 word keyword – CUE ONLINE MEDIA AUSTRALIA

our website design and internet  marketing blog on google

I decided  to see what images are showing on Google for that search  and clicked the  2nd tab (images tab)  in Google search, I WAS STUNNED ..bah not really ..but just a bit surprised at the first image result “ an image of ipad air” ( Check first pic in this post – above). There was two other images with  some of my keywords written on the images itself in the  top search results ( Check pic above)  , which also confirmed my theory that Google search has become smart enough to recognise text in images and help them rank ( hint hint …. SEO’s)

How ever what I was surprised about was  that  the keywords that i searched for and was researching   was no-where in the ipad  image name, in fact the whole keyword was not even in that ipad page or in alternative text for that image (BUT WAIT…..)

I did some further research  on this ipad page  that was ranking the ipad image no.1 for my not related keyword and searched for the first word of the keyword on the page ( and also the next 3 words of my whole long tail keyword separately-results below)

1st word

1 result

First keyword was once in whole ipad page post as pic above says .One instance of the first word, it was the third word at the start of the post under the pic ( I replicated this same strategy  in this post to see if it works for me) Do a search for my long tail keyword and check ..will ya ?

2nd word

2nd word

The second word was 5 times on the page, including  navigation bar , title of post , in one of the Google ads , in one comment  and also once more at the bottom of the blog

3rd word

3rd word

The third word was only once on the blog post

4th word

4th word of the day

The 4th word was  4times in the blog post , 1st in the post title , next in the first sentence in post , again in the second sentence in the post and the fourth time in the tags.

I also noticed that this blog has their first paragraph automatically marked as Description in the page code. So it looks like the first paragraph is always taken as description of that page in html code ( right click on page and view source to check this out). Which makes me think  Google bot is giving some importance  to keywords in the description , but not entirely ( as we can see all the 4 owrds of the long tail keyword  were not there in the description)

The results also suggest that  the keywords (even if long tail keyword) need to be spaced out in the sentence ( or title) and not necessarily  hugging each other.  so i was pretty surprised  that “how come this ipad image  ranked for my keyword  in images search in no 1 position  when its not even relevant.

Forget all those tips i gave you and just do  how it was done here Smile

BUT WAIT THERES MORE ………… seo in page source code 

I wasn’t really satisfied so i  thought i will do a check on page source code as well ( right click on page and click view page source and then just go ctrl +f to find the keywords) and  there was just a little  bit more to it…

Here we go again …..

keyword 1 – Found  not once … but 4 times now

keyword 2 –  Found  not five … but 28 times now

keyword 3 – Found not 1 time … but 8 times now

keyword 4 – Found not  4times — but 33 times now

So what this data and research concludes ,  that definitely “image alt text” and “image name” is not as relevant as people think for image seo , but definitely  the image needs to be surrounded by some of those keywords on the page  as well as in the source code of the page. (In this case it was not so much on the page , but more so in the  source code according to count of keywords done )

In this instance the 2 and 4th keyword of the long tail keyword were repeated more on the page as well as in the page source  code  and looks like having the keyword more times in the source code has worked well rather than having it more time visually on the page (though some people might say it is keyword stuffing, i certainly think it was not overdone as such )  and it worked in this instance inadvertently  for ranking a keyword in a image search niche that is not even relevant to that pic or media being searched for .

To summarise ( based on this  1 pic + long tail keyword case study ) it looks like

To improve Image SEO in blogs and websites

    • Have your picture surrounded by your keywords
    • Don’t  let  your keywords hug each other ( specially if its long tail)
    • Put your keywords right at the start of the post /page ( I’ve heard other people say this before somewhere as well).
    • If you want to name you pic or alternate text for seo purposes its not necessary  to keyword name them  and you can use them to optimise for secondary keywords or synonyms
    • Make an image with  the text of your keyword in it  which is highly visible  for it to catch Google bots eye Winking smile

I have not put the long tail keyword in whole text (update: done now) on purpose on this post to  see what happens over time. I will be adjusting the code etc to see how it performs over time.

Update: My image which i posted on gumtree (classifieds site ) and which has the text  in image has just popped into Google image search at no 11 from nowhere  within 3 days of posting this

Another quick example 

Search for Pearls Elizbeth Taylor , and you will notice that my blog pops up for the term, with the spelling for elizabeth wrong.( pic below)


I noticed that the misspelled word “elizbeth” was there once in the post and the  word “pearl” not “pearls” was there once on this page, yet  this page was getting high traffic for this search term for this image  above.

Now I know i told you that Images with letters or words init get ranked higher sometimes , has googl’s search engines started recognising pearls as well ??

Let me know if  you have observed any  weird  things with Image seo or found out some tricks that are used  for”image seo” and i will be happy to check it out.

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