Is your youtube video stuck at 301 views

301 views stuck at youtube

301 views is the next big thing to watch out for with youtube promotion.

After the last google update Many peoples video has started to get stuck at the strange number of 301 views, just like a magical speed bump that no one knows nothing about.

I had no idea, Until one of my videos got struck at 301 ( number 301 ). No, not a 301 redirect but 301 views. On popular videos, the video count would often hit 301 views and then stop and stay like that for up to 24 hours and then jump to thousands of views after that.


NO explanation. No one outside of Google/YouTube knew why it stopped at 301. AND this surely started rumors, theories but  still no official answer from Google themselves. That is until  now. (Brady Haran posted a video named Why do YouTube views freeze at 301? with an explanation from YouTuber, Ted Hamilton.)

To summarise,  YouTube decides to stop updating  views at that number to verify the authenticity of those clicks, views  and future clicks. They try to eliminate "counterfeit views." so to speak.

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How this “Youtube 301 Views”works

After a video reaches a certain number of views,  YouTube tells the database to freeze the view count until YouTube can manually verify the correct count to protect against botting attempts—i.e. using automated computer processes to artificially inflate the number of views. YouTube view counts are initially tracked by servers near the end user. Youtube  looks at reports from these individual servers and YouTube engineers can detect suspicious patterns in the data.

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answers in YouTube’s Help sections count as "official Google answers"?……

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