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What is launch jacking?

Internet market in in Australia has come of age. Somebody comes out with a new product, for example the Samsung note 3 launched so suddenly there was heaps of search for “Samsung note 3”. Miley cyrus + Twerking got viral all over the internet, so people were making Unique articles and promoting other stuff, twerking videos , how to twerk Tutorials. People were also selling Miley Cyrus outfits with promo videos of twerking

Another example of a new product was when 3D tv’s were launched, there were heaps of people who cashed in on the trend and made a lot of money from amazon from this niche. This is a good example of a successful launch jacking niche that’s been exploited.

So with basically Launch jacking you are just riding the wave of interest and turning It into profit. Another E.g.. Every super bowl, many internet marketers make heaps of money by solely focussing more on ranking for superbowl related products like “Super bowl eBooks” etc…

Many a time launch jacking can also work very well with new products, as the Product is suddenly a new keyword and so it’s easy to rank. For eg say Samsung suddenly decided to change their flagship phone Samsung galaxy into another new name like maybe “Samsung Radeon”.

If you made really good article or a blog and Ranked your blog for this keyword, you could set it up for good profits from Affiliate sales”

Launch jacking can not only be done by taking advantage of new keywords by ranking your articles and blog for new keywords or products with SEO, but it can be Accelerated by doing ppc advertising by choosing the new keywords that are Cheap and convert.


YouTube is big and many super affiliates are making big money with youtube and business and affiliate marketing. You can pretty much make a video and get laser targeted traffic coming to you.

Speed ranking is the basically where you promote your YouTube video by getting people to like your video more , subscribed to it more and more people to watch your video for a longer time also called retention views on fiverr.

This is definitely one of the trick that super affiliates like + alexbecker and +mikelong keep to themselves and you can now learn launch jacking and speed ranking your Seo or websites to make money quicker

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