Launched Click bank Hot new products of 2015

You don’t have to got to or websites like anymore to get to know the latest hot new products launched on clickbank. Cue online media has a list of the latest hot new launches on click bank  which you can  check out , buy  or promote before it gets hot and price rises. Below is a mix of products with commission on each sale  and also products with recurring  commission ( which means you just do one sale and keep getting comissions as  long as  the buyer keeps membership live). To make a honest clickbank review it is recommended you try  the product to make a detailed review of the product .

I recommend that  only products  you have tried and believe in , you will be able to put a honest review forward and earn a commission.

1. Dominating Facebook’s News Feed

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Helping 1.3 billion marketers solve the #1 problem on Facebook – getting Reach, Likes, Comments and Shares for FREE. With an upsell to the Social Selling Inner Circle, a $47/mo. subscription with a 27-month retention time and a massive $286 average lifetime customer value.





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3. Reverse Funnel Multiplier

reverse funnel multiplier

The NEW Reverse Funnel Multiplier is a simple code that quickly increases opt-ins, conversions, and sales for any sales funnel.






 4. Easy Webinar

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This is the easiest way for you to create profitable webinars.  With easywebinar, you can create full webinar funnels for both live and automated events, launch a product, teach a community and build a profitable business with an unlimited site license for you or for your clients.



5. eCom Masters

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