Make your wordpress website into a interactive social website

Turn Your wordpress website into a Social Network with “WP Mingle wordpress plugin”


I’ve already  written about  the  importance of reader engagement and developing a community around your website in this brave new world where reader  time on ytour website is important , and this new plugin can certainly help further that cause. Mingle WordPress is a plugin I recently discovered, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with its usefulness,  functionality and its ease of implementation.

mingle with socisl network wordpress plugin

After you get  the  Mingle WordPress installed and activated, your site has the potential to become its own social network with its interactive features enabled.

Imagine a scaled-down version of Facebook, Google Plus , only right here on your own website.

Here some of the current features provided by the  WP Mingle wordpress plugin:

  • Members can set up there own user profile page complete with a bio and photo.
  • Members can “friend” other members and communicate with them via direct comment to them on the site.
  • Member directory page.
  • Email Notifications for members.

For a full list of the features and an example of how a Mingle-powered site runs, visit WordPress Mingle, and set up your own user profile.

As I said, this is a relatively  recent  released plugin, and  there is possibility of additional features rolling out in the near future.

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