How to build a sucessful niche website

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Step #1: Write out as many niche site ideas as you can, using your interests as a starting point.

Step #2: Narrow down niche based on the following criteria

Step #4: Start creating content.

Step #5: Sign up for affiliate programs relating to your niche

Step #6: Do keyword research ( Google keyword tool ) or (market samurai) to find 5-10 of the best key terms/products to try and rank for

Step #7: Install Yoast SEO for WordPress or easy wp seo  and do on site SEO (optimising) for all posts and pages.

Step #8: Setup social media for the site: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

Step #9: Make a list of all large blogs and syndicated publications you’d want to be featured on

Step #10: Repeat Steps 4 and 7(optimising) , while continuing to build your social media channels and links for SEO.


How to build a niche website  successfully step by step  and video tutorials

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Wish you success and Good luck with building your niche website