Monitor your employees at work

Productivity  sometimes can be  increased with proper monitoring of how much work your employees  are actually doing.  Thee are many ways  that this can be done , but not without the risks to the company  and the employee. one way of overcoming this hurdle and doing it the easy  way is to have a software on the network of pc do it for you.

Employee Monitoring software

 my pc reports pc monitor software

My pc reports  is one such toll that can do this effectively. Monitor computer activity with MyPCReports. Our internet usage monitoring and reporting tells you what websites your employees are visiting, what games they’re playing, and what applications they’re using—and how much time they’re spending on each

As technology blurs the lines between personal time and productivity, employers need visibility into what their employees are doing all day. For a low monthly fee, you’ll get daily reports that you can review on your computer or mobile device. The usage patterns revealed for each employee will show you who’s being productive and who’s being abusive.

Computer monitoring software at work

This service benefits you ( the employer) by providing the tool to know what your employees are doing on their computers and for how long. Whether you decide to share your findings with your employees, just let them know that their computer use is being monitored, or use the information for management actions, we know you will be able to put these reports to good use to get the most out of your payroll dollars. You can buy the employee computer monitoring software here mypc reports

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