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Product: Rent-A-SERP Theme & Plugin

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What it Rent A Serp ?


seo for business


Its a total of three different products brought together for you to get your niche websites or your customers websites ranking on the top

Any website that is ranking on the top of google rankings can make money and so can your customers if their websites are ranking on Google search.


Rent a serp theme & Plugin

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WordPress theme + plugin Built for ranking and renting to small businesses

Your clients/customers will be able to

1. Rank local seo sites with perfect internal linking structure

2. Rent those sites or specific pages to local businesses



3. Crete websites within 10 minutes with no coding knowledge

4. Have the power of google authorship, silos and on page seo to get your ranking accelerated


Rent a serp course

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The training course to compliment rent a serp theme


This course will benefit a total newbie and also a experienced SEO




Your clients will be able to do:

1. How to do keyword research + niche selection

2. Link building strategy

3. How to outsource cold calling and link building and save time


Rent a Serp Mastermind group


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Get access to the special mastermind group where you will get access to the pros who are ranking and banking in SEO and niche websites like Mario Cimmino and Devin Zander .

You will be able to get specific advice for your SEO problems and how to sue the software to your benefit and be able to put forward your questions and ideas and receive advice to rank and bank just like them.


 So what is rent a serp really ?

Its a new technology that allows you to create your customer powerhouse local seo websites and lets them rent every page to a different owner .

It allows you too make websites that will rank quickly and rent it out  to business customers  making you money in the process. You can make use of this software even if you want to rank websites or niche websites for yourself in google search engine.

seo for business owners



You can check out  more details  by clicking the download button below

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