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All on-line media businesses provide some of their services to  other partner service providers . Below are the resources  and partner/affiliate services  we use or sub contract  to provide different services to our customers eg. buying a domain on behalf of you  etc .

You will also find some  recommendation’s  for  other service  providers that we have not yet used, but  which you might find useful and so it is listed below. We do get compensated for some  recommendations listed on this page. The Services that we recommend  for its usefulness , but we have not yet used or reviewed will be  clearly disclosed .


Recommended and used by us 


Hostgator for web hosting

-For web hosting  blogs and websites

  • For hostgator we have a special  permanent custom coupon code  which you can enter  to claim your discounted  hosting deal , the  Coupon code is dg25percentoff  . To avail of it just go to and enter the coupon code while purchasing or at the check out.


WordPress Themes

  •  Elegant themes, WP Zoom and Solostream  are my preferred paid premium themes which are quite reasonably priced  and offer value for money
  • |Premium Responsive WordPress Theme for Product Review Sites | WPZOOM - Premium WordPress Themes for Buying Domains

godaddy hostgator wp zoom elegant themes Your own domain name give you freedom to create your brand identity, move hosting whenever you wish  if you have problems with provider  and keep control of your blog. Godaddy – is one of the world largest domain name registrar ( though its governed by  US regulations .  I host all my domain names on Godaddy for over 10 years. Get a discount if  currently available via this link

Not Reviewed and used by us  ( but useful ) – You can create a variety of online forms (contact forms) using easy form builder software. Custom design and build surveys, contact forms, event registration forms, online order form and lead generation forms. Seamlessly integrate our amazing online forms on to your website wordpress , blogger and other platforms .

Facebook  Advertising 

facebook advertising case