So what is Limited Facebook Promotion when you do internet marketing ?

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Q> So on peerfly it says RESTRICTION: Limited Facebook Promotion.
Does it mean i can still promote on Facebook? I feel like i can make money of Facebook other than Youtube.

A> pperfly

LIMITED Facebook Promotion

If an offer allows Social PPC, you’re free to promote it on Facebook through their paid advertising platform. We’ve recently started to allow publishers promote on approved fan pages, handled on a case-by-case basis.

Some general guidelines to consider:

  • Page must have 10,000+ fans.
  • Fan pages need to be about a specific topic – Golden Retrievers, NFL Football, Traveling to Paris. Personal pages are not allowed.
  • Offers must be relevant to the page’s content.
  • Offers cannot be direct linked to PeerFly.
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If you would like to submit your page for approval, send a link and a sample of your ad copy to your Affiliate Manager!


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