Still the Kindle favorite – Amazon Kindle 3

The new kindle has Wi-Fi+3G and kicks some butt. There are many who believe that the tablet revolution will take over  e-book readers, But we think Amazon’s Kindle is very likely to survive because it remains significantly less expensive than most tablets (about half the price of an iPad), is much more portable and because it is so much more than an e-book reader.

amazon-kindle-3G- wifi

To add to it , the Kindle 3 ships with a reasonably good Internet browser and – read this carefully – free, worldwide Internet access for a lifetime. This is really a bonus because, this means that you will never be billed for surfing the Web on your Kindle – and while the browser is not the greatest, it is very handy if all you are looking for is checking mail and keeping track of news and social networks . Go grab the Kindle 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, at Amazon here

And the battery life on the Kindle would just make an iPad seem so ancient. a good tip is to Stick to mobile versions of websites for best results.

The mobile browser might have improved by yards over its predecessors but keying in URLs or clicking bookmarks can be abit of a  pain at times. One way of dodging is this by simply using the excellent reader that has been designed for the Kindle – it gives you access to all your Google Reader feeds in a single click and is also  optimised for the Kindle’s display.

All you need to do is take your Kindle’s browser to http://

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