The guardian partners with outbrain to get content out

Strange partnerships are born everyday and the guardian australian edition newspaper and Outbrain online marketing and publishing company have just  come together  to take advantage of each others synergies .

taboola vs outbrain and guardian

The partnership will be rolled out across The Guardian Australia and will see Outbrain be the sole provider of paid content recommendations. Guardian News and Media have signed a three year partnership with content discovery platform Outbrain

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Outbrain is a content discovery platform whose content marketing module offers to help Internet publishers increase web traffic by presenting them with relevant website links. It provides recommendations for several media types, including online, news, video, and mobile.

Tim Gentry, global revenue director at Guardian News & Media said in a statement: “We’re very pleased to be working with Outbrain to deliver paid-for content recommendations. Their strong global network, service levels and cutting-edge technology made them the right choice of partner for us.”

Hundreds of premium publishers, including CNN, Fox News, Hearst, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Fast Company use outbrains  technology to keep readers on their sites longer.

Taboola is one of the competitors to Outbrain  and its left to see , how taboola will hack its growth  model  considering  outbrain is forging  new partnerships that can corner more of the online publishing and marketing  slice of the pie

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