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I have this cloud widget installed in  two blogs of mine  at the moment . I do remember a long time ago when i installed this Blogger cloud widget at my blogger blog at www.under-mouse-arrest.com , i struggled with the code for a very long time to see why i was getting constant erors.

Ages alter again i  decided to install this clod label widget for blogger at on of my other blogs at www.australianstockwatch.com , again  i ran into the same problem , though this time i managed to get  it fixed much sooner

Technology blog under mouse arrest

The   script i use is from http://phy3blog.googlepages.com/Beta-Blogger-Label-Cloud.html thanks to

phydeaux3 . The first 2 part of the script didnt give me  any erors, but the third part of the script when pasted in blogger  kept on giving me B section erors.

Blogger cloud widget fixed code

I reglised  that this ( code below) was not  included in the script where it should be


what i did was copied this  code to the end part of the third big code on the  code Link  page just like this




and clicked save on blogger and voila  now the blogger cloud was working fine

Tip: Blogger will let you know what exact code is causing the error when you try to save and are unable, just click  control +f to find on that page  that error causing code and try to  resolve it with the suggestion  what blogger eror code gives you

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