Jump start your Social Network Business Plan

Social Network Plan for Business

Our packages have been extremely popular with Australian businesses, as they offer a means not only to increase their social media stats (and thus their company’s reach) but also to earn some extra sales on the way from REAL PEOPLE. We offer a variety of services aimed for businesses located locally in Australia, and abroad. We help businesses dominate some of the largest social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Google Plus.

Megabyte currently offers Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pininterest, YouTube, Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon fans/followers. Australian or Worldwide Facebook packages are by far our most popular item.

To Give your business a Jump start  we can provide

Facebook Promotion (Facebook likes)

Google Plus Promotion ( Google plus likes)

Twitter promotion ( More Followers)

Prices will differ depending on how much  likes or followers you are looking to get on your website or Facebook page. Contact us for a quote.

Social Marketing Business

How it works

  1. Customer pays on the site via paypal.
  2. You simply forward the order details (usually just the page URL and package) to the supplier (we provide reputable suppliers)
  3. Let our supplier do the work, sit back and enjoy your profits.

All you have to do is send an email! It really is that simple.

Who we work with

Whilst running Megabyte, we have worked with customers including:

  • online stores
  • physical stores
  • cafes
  • restaurants
  • education providers
  • websites



Do you guarantee the number of fans that I purchased?

Of course we do! If you don’t receive the full number, you’re entitled to a full refund!

Do I need to give you my login details for Facebook, Twitter etc?

Nope! We can do it all remotely, after all, why would genuine followers need your password?

How do you get genuine followers?

We can’t go into much detail, but we have agreements with high profile websites that will post a like button linking to your page. Thus, you only get genuine likes from people who are truly interested in your product.

Do you guarantee delivery times?

Unlike other companies, we don’t use software to generate these likes. Thus, we can’t guarantee an exact delivery time, as it depends how many users are interested in your page. That being said, our delivery times are usually very accurate for most pages.

How long does it take for an order to get started?

It takes around 24-48 hours for our services to commence.

Will my account get banned by using your services?

We’ve never had an account banned so far, and our methods are 100% genuine and safe.