Why a Good brand is important to your marketing strategy

A good brand can add so much value to an already good promotion than an unknown brand. So how do you create a good brand in the first place?

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Branding in the Casino Niche 


Good brands are there in every niche but the technology niche companies has become one of the most popular brandsonline. Among the top brands Apple, Samsung are intertwined with our daily lives and so the brand is popular and respected. Even brands like Mansion Casino which are in a totally different niche spend a lot of money as part of their mainstream branding process. The online pokies and gaming industry in Australia is huge.

Branding for such niche markets as online casinos can get even harder. It can involve a host of things like hosting entertainment events, organising player clubs and special events. Communications with your casino targeted audience and customers would also need to re-enforce your branding

So what makes them so popular?

Apple is known for its quality of its products an easy of use in its smartphones, tablets, IPods and this automatically converts to good branding and good image.

Samsung on the other hand came through with ground breaking advanced technology and android software on their smartphones that could adapt and work with most other devices, while also being very versatile and price friendly and they managed to win customers loyalty with these awesome features. They also constantly come out with new models and features for smartphones and other devices which keep their image of advanced technology in the forefront. This creates a good brand image for the company

Google is something that people just can’t do without in today’s world, they have pretty much mad themselves indispensable when it comes to a search engine and that is by providing the best search functions on the internet.  They provide one of the best free email services and, internet search services for free and people love it, because it makes it so easy to find information, products and   do research and learn new things.

Forbes on May 2016 has listed these brands as some of the worlds most loved brands

#1 Apple.

#2 Google.

#3 Microsoft.

#4 Coca-Cola.

#5 Facebook.

A good brand is important to your business strategy for many reasons.

Brands are a mix of psychology and science mixed together as a promise mark as opposed to a trademark of a business or company.  When Microsoft bought linked.in for 26 billion it was not for just the professional user base, but also for the brand image they had created that they are the no#1 listing destination for professionals.

Recognition of your Business

A good brand image will improve recognition of your business or product

Trust in your business

Trust in your business is automatically built when you have a good brand image of your company or business

Branding in promotion

If you are looking to advertise your business products or services, if you have an already trusted and valued brand image the promotion and advertising becomes easier.

Word of mouth Boost

A Positive image of a your brand can  spread its image even further with free word of mouth promotion and  install a sense of  good value in the products and products ownership

When creating a brand image for your company, be it an electronic brand, a consumer retail product or a niche like casino game – you should always look to create an image that stands out in the marketplace and portray a positive look of your business. If possible you should market and position your company as an invaluable long time resource for your clients. Business branding is not just about selling a product, but a lot more.

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