Yes you can buy face book likes

I started a campaign last week to promote one of my websites  to get likes  and yes you can do it  for your facebook fanpage or business page by getting a targeted audience, so if your  stuck just doing  google adwords , here is one more place to look at   for more audience and targeted customers.[FACEBOOK]


What is facebook advertising ?

Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Facebook for the things you offer. And only pay when they click /like /take action to visit your website or facebook page.

keep calm and buy me a like from facebook

Funnily enough here are some snapshots  which will prove  that experimenting surely  works  to your advantage in business promotion.

Below How i got – 1 FACEBOOK  like FOR $2  and made it cheaper

1 result costing $1

Notice in the first pic  it is  $2 for only 1 result (like) when i had just 1 image in  the ad  and then i changed  the ad to have  more adsets adding 2 more images with same  headline etc and suddenly i got 6 likes for the amount of only 0.31 cent.


Getting cheaper clicks on facebook

Now i know  that you cant get heaps more likes  for just a few dollars , but  they possibly wont stick  and also  they wont be interested in your page or website , but just add more likes to your page or website. If it is just the numbers (likes) you want get in touch with me , or then just read on.


6 likes costing  1 dolalr

6 facebook like  for 0.31Cents


Now that’s what i am talking about , more targeted  lesser cost.

buy likes from facebook

I started out with a costly average , but with some testing and  adjustments, managing to get likes much cheaper  and so these aboive figures will change now ona nd bring a smile to my face , so good luck to you too Smile and don’t forget to implement these ideas in your facebook promotion plan

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