Advantage – first Look Youtube ranking software

A First look at the “VIDEO VANTAGE” youtube auto video  ranking software  that is to be released on the market and also LOOK at  “Youtube Ranking Software V2.5 “ both  from the  Internet  Marketing  category.

Youtube videos are very easy to rank, but only if you know how to do it.
All the advice you read online for free or all those gurus that talk about ranking videos is mostly wrong! Why? Because they are using or repeating like parrots SEO theory from years ago, 2007, 2009? Come on! Give me a break!

Youtube Ranking Software V2.5

Nowadays Google is listening to Social Signals, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Youtube itself! Why are still people teaching that you need 10,000 social bookmarking backlinks to rank your websites or videos on the first page?! That’s ridiculous! Now you should focus in quality backlinks and social signals! Period… but you need to use the right sequence to avoid getting burned

Update: Now with version 2.5 you can EMBED your video on 100′s of blogs! Instantly!

Youtube Ranking Software 2 Preview


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Video vantage can single-handedly rank your videos with complete automation…even in tough, competitive markets by uploading youir videos to youtube,  doing backlinking , spinning and other tasks  through the software

You tube video ranking software to get to top of google rankings


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YOU TUBE RANKING Software for google search and y0utube search

Its got a minimalist  simple clean interface and supports the following paltforms

The supported platforms are as follows:

  • edu and gov blogs
  • Anchor text in comment blogs
  • Angie’s backlinks
  • CommentLuv premium blogs
  • do follow comment blogs
  • Expression engine forums
  • Hubpages – Hot Hubs
  • KeywordLuv blogs
  • LymeFyre blogs
  • Intense debate blogs
  • Squidoo lenses – add to list

Here is the snapshot of my software of the find pr backlinks screen where you can find pages with pr 5  juice


find pr links  video vantage screen

Video vantage affiliate offers have closed by video software owner ( an unknown start date), so please check the updated “Youtube Ranking Software V2.5 “ offer above

Discount link: http://jointv/OfferCode60%dis

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